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Bozeman, Montana

EST 2022

What We Do

Marty’s experience in local government, specifically at the Director level means he understands the politics, processes, regulations and personalities that can affect and ultimately determine project entitlement. While each community has its own zoning, subdivision, design, and development regulations many commonalities exist. The key is knowing how the pieces work together, or against each other. Marty knows how to put the puzzle pieces together.

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Do you own a piece of land or want to purchase a piece of land for development?

We can help you understand what you can develop on that piece of land, by right.

Do you want to do something different on a piece of land than what is currently allowed?

We can help you understand the processes and regulations that will get you where you want to go.

Do you need to put together a team?

We can help you find the Engineers, Designers, Architects you will need for a successful application.

Do you have a team or is your project stuck in process purgatory?

We can help with the understanding and communication that will get things moving again.

Do you have a project that needs some extra outreach or community communication?

We can help with those conversations and facilitate community meetings.

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